Ancora Center, Arguineguín
Ancora Center, Arguineguín




Learn Spanish in a fun and practical way with our professional teachers

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Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is a language spoken by millions, there are nearly 600 million Spanish speakers in the world, and you can learn it too! By learning Spanish you are taking on a challenge and the reward will be a great sense of self-satisfaction. Age is no barrier to learn Spanish, we have 80 years old learners in our school and they love the experience. The brain is like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Many studies show that being able to speak another language can prevent or delay alzhéimer. If you can speak Spanish, you´ll be able to communicate with a lot more people, you won´t be just another tourist. You can retire in any of the 20 spanish speaking countries, mix with the locals, enjoy a different way of life and try their amazing food. People take an instant liking to you when you use their native language.

We have our own book TALK
We have our own book TALK

What do our clients say:

I booked a private class with Escuela Talk for a week to occupy myself while my whole family was diving. The experience I made with the fantastic teachers Puri and Silvia was beyond my expectation. To be honest, I haven´´` `t expected such high skilled, dedicated professionals in the sleepy village of Arguineguin. I´´`` `ve been learning Spanish for decades and often found other classes a bit boring, but at Escuela Talk I could focus on my weak points everyday and I didn``^t even have a second to yawn since the class was so intense. At the end of 10 hours with them I had a feeling of having finished a semester of intensive language course. I will recommend this unique school to everyone who seeks efficient, tailoy-made learning of Spanish language.  Yuri A. (Germany)

I'm learning Spanish and my teacher is Puri. She is the best teacher in my life!  I was absolutely lucky to find that school. I believe that my personal progress is very good because of her teaching style and professional approach! Tereza (Ukraine)

I am learning Spanish, my mother language being English. I had absolutely zero knowledge of spanish two years ago, and have attended approximately 120 lessons with EscuelaTalk over the last couple of years, initially three per week, dropping to two per week as my ability improved. Despite this being part time study (I have taken several "breaks" in my study whilst out of Gran Canaria), I am now reasonably confident at simple conversational spanish with locals in the present and past tenses, whilst being capable of making myself understood in future tenses. I understand a vast amount more when hearing conversations, than I can speak. I regard my progress as nothing short of amazing when I look back as to where I was just two years ago. I have no hesitation in recommending EscuelaTalk to anyone seeking to learn, or improve, their knowledge of the spanish language. Chris (England)

This is the best Scholes for foreignerers to learn Spanish in an easygoing  way with a so friendly and at the same time have the targets to make us better. We are so grateful that we went to Arguineguín and visit Escuela Talk and started to learn Spanish. And the best of all is that we have continued over Zoom during the pandemic! We really are looking forward to the lessons over the computer or in the classroom with Silvia.  Christine (Norway)

My experience learning Spanish with their method was really good. I am a teaher myself and I found the way they teach really innovative and fun. My Spanish improved a lot in a very short time. . Many thanks.       Cassandra (Norway)

Escuela Talk ist sehr zu empfehlen. Personliche kleine individuelle Gruppen, welche dem sprachlichen Niveau und Level der Teilnehmer angepasst werden, Der unterrichtsschwerpunkt liegt auf praxisnaher kommunication. Es werden auch online kurse angeboten. Noch nie hat mir ein Sprachkurs so viel Freude bereitet. Bitte gerne teilen.      Steffi (Germany)

Fantastic Spanish lessons. I have one twice a week and I ' m learning so much!        Matthew (England)

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Anbefaler EscuelaTalk til alle nordmenn som vil lære spansk! Tove 

I have just finished a course in español in Escuela Talk. This school is located in the Ancora centre  in Arguineguín. Would highly recommend. Puri and Silvia are excellent. I had Puri for my 20 hour course (2 hours per week). She is one of the best teahers I have encountered in my long life! She makes the class fun, interesting and relevant to daily life. La mejor profesora! English is also taught here.   Eileen (Ireland)

Escuela Talk of Silvia kan anbefales på  det varmeste. For meg er det å laere Spansk ved a ta private timer hos Escuela Talk of Silvia en unik mulighet. Her laerer jeg å lytte, lese og snakke spansk i mitt tempo. Gleden over å forstå  mer av språket og etterhvert klare å kommunisere på Spansk kan ikke beskrives med ord. Jeg vil ikke nole med å gi Escuela Talk mine beste anbefalinger!    Anita (Norway)

I would recommend these teachers to anyone who wants to learn and enjoy learning Spanish. Very good indeed!   Tom (Norway)

Mi sono trovata benissimo le insegnanti sono molto professionali e simpatiche le lezioni sono dinamiche e divertenti, per imparare bene lo Spagnolo consiglio vivamente a tutti questa scuola.   Cosetta (Italy)

Noch heute bin ich sehr glücklich darüber, dass ich in der Schule "Escuela Talk" gelandet bin. Puri und Sylvia sind zwei sehr freundliche, herzliche und engagierte Lehrerinnen, die einen sehr guten professionellen Unterricht machen. Mit viel Spaß, Leichtigkeit, Geduld und einer tollen Methodik wird einem die Sprache erfolgreich gelehrt.  Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich so schnell Spanisch sprechen würde!!!     Der Unterricht ist genau auf meine Bedürfnisse angepasst und immer abwechslungsreich gestaltet. Dadurch, dass sie auch Onlinekurse anbieten, ist es mir möglich, am Ball zu bleiben und die spanische Sprache weiter zu vertiefen. Nicht einen Tag möchte ich diesen einzigartigen wunderbaren Unterricht missen, der mir sehr viel Freude bereitet und mich immer wieder aufs Neue begeistert. Wer die Chance hat, in dieser Schule eine Sprache zu erlernen, sollte sie unbedingt nutzen. Vielen Herzlichen Dank, dass es Euch gibt!!! Claudia (Germany)

I first studied with Puri over 30 years ago, and she helped nurture a love of the Spanish language. After a gap of far too long I began to study with Puri again during lockdown (virtually of course), and have rekindled a love of the language. Puri is an excellent teacher who brings positive energy and creativity to every lesson. We laugh a lot, and I learn a huge amount every time. I am very grateful to Puri for not minding teaching me again! I would highly recommend Escuela Talk.  Berni (England)

Escuela TALK

We are next to the car park in the shopping center Ancora. Avenida Francisco Navarro 2, Arguineguín, Mogán Gran Canaria

Contact us for more information by  email: or call/whatsapp us:  +34686650789

Opening hours:  mornings  9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m.; afternoons 15:30 until 19:30.